“ולציון יאמר איש ואיש יולד בה והוא יכוננה עליון – אמר רבי מיישא בר בריה דרבי יהושע בן לוי: אחד הנולד בה ואחד המצפה לראותה. אמר אביי: וחד מינייהו עדיף כתרי מינן. אמר רבא: וחד מינן כי סליק להתם – עדיף כתרי מינייהו, דהא רבי ירמיה דכי הוה הכא, לא הוה ידע מאי קאמרי רבנן, כי סליק להתם, קרי לן בבלאי טפשאי.”
(Kesubos 75a)

Throughout two thousand years of exile, every Jew in the Diaspora has directed their gaze with longing towards the Land of Israel and prayed with hope, saying, “May our eyes behold your return to Tzion in mercy.”

Eretz HaKodesh was established to give expression to the yearning and longing of Jews in the Diaspora towards the land for which they have been praying for over two millennia, and to officially represent them before the institutions in Eretz Yisrael. Eretz HaKodesh enables every Jew around the world to feel a sense of connection and to influence what transpires in the land, making their voices heard on public issues that pertain to the holiness of the land and the preservation of Jewish tradition.

The vision

The vision of the movement is to represent the Orthodox communities in the Diaspora and present their voices to the official institutions in Israel. Over the years, liberal movements have gained influence as exclusive representatives of the Jewish Diaspora. From this position, they seek to advance agendas and impact critical issues related to matters of religion and state in Israel.

Eretz HaKodesh seeks to balance the influence of liberal movements, properly reflecting the power dynamics of Jewish communities in the Diaspora, and amplifying the voices of Orthodox Jewish communities seeking to preserve the eternal values of the Torah and authentic Jewish tradition.

As part of Eretz HaKodesh’s activities, we aim to express the stance of the Jewish Diaspora regarding Jewish matters in the Land of Israel and work to protect the rights of all Jewish communities in the Diaspora.

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