Everything you need to know in preparation for the 2025 elections:

In the World Zionist Congress, there are currently 145 seats for representatives of American Jewry. These representatives are elected in democratic elections, in which all Jews residing in the United States who hold American citizenship are eligible to participate. Elected representatives have an influence on the decisions made by the Congress and the institutions under its authority, such as the World Zionist Organization and Keren Kayemet LeYisrael (the Jewish National Fund), among others.

For many years, liberal movements have enjoyed substantial budgets worth millions of dollars, designated to support their activities and enable them to operate in Israel. According to the testimony of Reform movement leaders in 2020, they received an annual budget of $4 million for their activities in Israel, in addition to other budgets for youth activities and various organizations worldwide. Similar sums were allocated to the Conservative movement as well.

Eretz HaKodesh seeks to rectify the lack of representation of Orthodox communities in the Diaspora and enable a fair and equitable distribution of budgets that properly reflects the true power dynamics of Jews worldwide.

Since the 2020 elections for the World Zionist Congress, representatives of Eretz HaKodesh have been elected to various positions within Zionist institutions and have worked to realize the objectives of Eretz HaKodesh. In order for us to continue our work, we call upon all members of Orthodox communities in the Diaspora to participate in the elections and vote for the Eretz HaKodesh representative list. This will strengthen the influence of the movement in the World Zionist Congress and allow us to have a significant impact on the activities of national institutions.

The positions held by national institutions have a significant impact on various issues in the State of Israel. KKL operates in a variety of areas, including education and regional development in different cities and even in chareidi communities. The World Zionist Organization is considered the official representative of the Jewish Diaspora, and various government projects are carried out in collaboration with the leaders of the World Zionist Organization. Participation in the elections will enable Eretz HaKodesh representatives to continue working in all areas of national institutions, representing Torah Judaism and the values of Toras Yisrael.

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