History Made as, for the First Time Ever, No Votes Cast at World Zionist Congress

Previous Next The Eretz HaKodesh party of the World Zionist Organization was founded to fight for Torah values in the Holy Land, and that battle was on full display on Thursday in the plenary session of the World Zionist Congress. For the first time in history, the Reform and leftist movements who sought to pass resolutions against the values of […]

Divisive resolutions lead to political morass at World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem

(April 21, 2023 / JNS) Delegates to the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem this week hoped for a forum to discuss the pressing issues facing world Jewry. Those hopes faded as committee meetings swirled around divisive resolutions, finally exploding on Thursday when a right-wing bloc organized a mini-rebellion. Made up of Mizrachi, Likud, Shas and Eretz Hakodesh, the […]

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