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By: Shoshana Soroka

“Busha! Busha!” were the words that
rang through the halls on Thursday at
the World Zionist Congress. Those on
the left were expressing their dismay that things
weren’t going their way.
But perhaps those words could be used to sum
up this year’s Congress: Shame! Shame!
The World Zionist Congress was established
more than 100 years ago to promote and advance
the ideals of Zionism. But it seems that many on
the left have conveniently forgotten that core principle. Instead, they are focused on advancing their
liberal agendas, inserting their woke ideals into
resolutions that they hope will form policy in the
Holy Land.
This year’s Congress was an “Extraordinary”
Congress. Because elections were held in 2020 and
an online vote on resolutions took place at that time
as well, there was no real need for resolutions at
this year’s convention. This year’s Congress should
have merely been a venue for delegates to meet with
each other and hear more about the WZO’s activities and programs.
But some groups attempted to hijack this Congress by forcing through their agendas. They wanted to use the Congress to promote their crooked
values and their beliefs.
Eretz Hakodesh, the charedi slate I represent,
was created to ensure that values that are antithesis to the kedusha of Eretz Yisroel are exposed
for what they are and are defeated. Regardless of
how much good the Eretz Hakodesh slate can help
to sustain in Israel with its influence in the Zionist
Congress, if power is also given to the groups on the
liberal left, our influence would be worthless.
Indeed, the “sur mei’rah,” the removal of the
immoral and corrupt, is even more important than
the “aseh tov,” perpetuating the good.
And so, at this year’s Congress, when Eretz Hakodesh and other like-minded slates saw how the
left was forcing through resolutions that included
recognition of Reform and Conservatives conversions and the promotion of those who live alternative lifestyles, they realized they had to act. Invoking a clause that required a name-by-name vote of
each resolution, the right-wing slates also ensured
that voting would be honest and that delegates
would need to be present during the vote.
The name-by-name vote would have resulted in
many hours of voting. But sitting in a room hour
after hour while ensuring that the Holy Land would
remain holy would have been worth it.
The left, though, crying, “Busha! Busha!”
wouldn’t accept this clause. As such, there was no
vote at this year’s World Zionist Congress.
As a proud member of the Eretz Hakodesh slate,
I knew that our side emerged victorious. We proudly and publicly upheld the values of Torah.
But I walked away with mixed feelings. Despite
the “victory,” I wasn’t exultant. Instead, mixed with
the feelings of success was a sadness for what our
nation has become. As an American, I don’t always
see the powers on the left actively trying to change
Israel into their ideal woke nation. But this time, I
was privy to those forces. I saw firsthand how their
focus is not on the Torah or on conservative values.
Instead, their drive is to shape the Jewish state into
something that doesn’t resemble anything to do
with Judaism. Their values are in direct contrast
to Torah-true ideals. They want to trample on what
we hold dear.
And for that, I say, “Busha! Busha!”

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