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Over the past several years, the Reform movement has operated in Israel as official representatives of world Jewry. Consequently, they have expressed opinions and intervened in various issues at hand. Among other things, they have been active in the legal arena, submitting petitions on matters related to religion and state or joining petitions submitted by other organizations on these topics.

As a result of these movements’ activities, a narrative has been established in the Israeli discourse, asserting that the position of world Jewry is a liberal one and that the State of Israel is committed to respecting this stance in order to maintain its connection with world Jewry. An example of this can be found in the words of the leader of the governing opposition, Yair Lapid, who stated in the Knesset that Israel is committed to approving the Western Wall plan out of its commitment to world Jewry.

Eretz HaKodesh operates in the legal and public spheres, representing the Orthodox Jewish communities from around the world, presenting a balanced picture of the diversity of opinions that exist. It seeks to preserve authentic Jewish tradition.

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