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Eretz HaKodesh is recognized by official institutions in the State of Israel as the representative of Orthodox communities in the Diaspora. In this capacity, we work on various issues to present the positions of the community members to government ministries and relevant institutions on matters related to the Jewish Diaspora.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we assisted in reaching an agreement on a plan that allowed yeshiva students from abroad to enter Israel despite the strict entry limitations imposed on visitors. Thanks to the arrangement, tens of thousands of students were able to enter throughout the year to study in yeshivos and seminaries. Today, we are dealing with issues related to the welfare of yeshiva students, arranging entry permits for students, addressing the legal status of yeshiva students from abroad who hold Israeli citizenship, exempting yeshiva students from the IDF draft under “Toraso Umnaso,” and more.

In addition, Eretz HaKodesh represents Jews from abroad and communities of new immigrants, providing assistance in various activities and budgets to help them cope with the challenges of immigration and absorption in Israel.

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