Representation of the Jewish Diaspora in Official Institutions

The World Zionist Congress currently functions as a body that unites representatives of the Jewish people from all corners of the world. The Congress shapes the policy of national Zionist organizations and national institutions (KKL, the Jewish National Fund, the Jewish Agency) and nominates key roles within them. These national institutions serve as official representatives of world Jewry and, as such, wield significant influence over government decisions related to the Jewish Diaspora. They also express positions on current issues concerning the global Jewish community.

Eretz HaKodesh participates in the Zionist Congress and actively works to influence the decisions made within it, voicing the concerns of Orthodox communities in matters on the agenda. Representatives of this movement assume various roles in national institutions and serve on the board to impact decisions that reflect the authentic diversity of global Jewry and elevate the Orthodox Jewish community’s stance on pertinent issues.

Representatives of Eretz HaKodesh have experienced exceptional siyata diShmaya (Divine assistance) thus far. Over the past years, they have influenced various decisions within the Jewish Agency, the Zionist Federation, and KKL on important matters such as opposition to the Kosel compromise, the Shabbos Law, promoting Jewish values in institutional activities, and more.



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WZO Congress

Dear Readers

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